How to choose Ciclovation handlebar tape

How to choose Ciclovation handlebar tape

Learn which Ciclovation bar tape is perfect to finish your new build or refresh your noble steed.
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Ciclovation is exceptionally good at making handlebar tape. Naming them? Well... let’s just say wrapping your head around the naming convention is more challenging than wrapping the tape itself. So we wanted to clear up the features, benefits and give some wrapping notes (where necessary) of each tier in the complete Ciclovation range to make sure you buy exactly what you need.

We’ll go in price order from lowest to highest.


This is the most explanatory name in the Ciclovation catalogue. It’s the working class hero. You need bar tape? This is bar tape. 


It’s hard not to love Advanced Featherlite’s commitment to its purpose. At 18g, it’s lucky there’s adhesive to stop it from floating off your handlebars. We’re deep into the world of Weight Weenies forums and endlessly watching Bikeradar videos about the British Hillclimb scene with this gear. It’s for people who hate UCI rules and weigh every single bolt on their bike.

Is it nice under the hands? It’s fine. Is it nicer than raw carbon with the drops hack sawed off? Yes. And really, that’s all that matters. You don’t even get colours because, obviously, that glitz adds pointless bulk. All that’s asked of this product is: stick to the bars and weigh as close to nothing as possible.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I have to drill some holes in my shoes.

ADVANCED LEATHER TOUCH - $39.99 to $54.99

The Leather Touch is Ciclovation’s core product line. It is, in our opinion, the best balance of quality and price, and it’s the biggest selling category on the site.

Part of its popularity is due to the sheer variety of colour combos. It’s the same tape underneath but is topped with insane colours and patterns from Vapour Metallic Gold, Aurora Purple, to Magma Flame Red.

We’ve used plenty of rolls on our builds across road and gravel. It’s thick enough to be an all-rounder, no matter what you’re riding. You simply need to decide which colour or pattern is right for you.

ADVANCED GRIND TOUCH - $59.99 to $69.99

A bar tape for the graveleurs or even the roadies wanting to live the plush life. Advanced Grind touch is a thick layer of handlebar heft to take the sting out of the bumps and vibrations of long days trying to find the spirit of gravel. It’ll leave your hands in prime condition to leave complain-y comments about the Gravel Worlds ackchewally being in Lincoln Nebraska. Where was I...?

Ah yes! This bar tape feels like you’re shaking hands with a tennis racquet and we can all be thankful these options save us all from the bad old days of double wrapping tape. Its thickness means you don’t need to stretch it out when wrapping so don’t fight it too hard and it’ll end up where you want it.

Those with a few extra bucks can spring for the premium Polyhide variant that’s a full 30cm longer per roll. It's also a tougher texture to squeeze out even longer wear life. 


We’re deep into the Ciclovation skunkworks with the Premium Halo Touch. It contains a prismatic texture that makes the colour ripple and reflect as sunlight hits it. While there are only a few variants, this stuff looks incredible when matched with the right colours on a dream build.

It’s a slightly unusual texture with a more rigid feel than you might be used to. There’s a real art to wrapping it as well. Don’t bother trying to start by jamming it into the handle bar ends because this stuff is way too thick. Start by wrapping it straight around the bars. Like with the Grind Touch, this stuff won’t stretch but comes with a little extra length to ensure your bars are covered.

Hopefully this guide helped you decide which tape is best for you. Take a look at the complete Ciclovation range to see everything we have available.

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