Custom TIME ADHX build in green

TIME ADHX Custom Gravel Dream Build

Take a closer look at one hell of a TIME ADHX custom gravel build featuring a gorgeous frame and bling finishing kit.

TIME wasn’t the earliest to join the gravel party but they kicked down the door in the only way they know how: with an eye-poppingly pretty frame made with their unmatched carbon fibre. I knew I wanted one when I first copped eyes on the carbon weave peeking through the glossy green paint and confirmed my desires when I saw the geometry. This was the aggressive gravel rocket I’d been waiting for.

Apparently, the internet was also enamoured by the ADHX because photos of the final product blew up my Instagram for days and bounced around the platform in people’s stories and the re-sharing feeds.

So, below is everything you need to know about the TIME ADHX frame and the bonkers build I’m lucky enough to ride around on.


For those who just want the parts list, here ya go!


TIME describes the ADHX as a “fast gravel” bike and it delivers on that promise.

The TIME ADHX is towards the race end of the continuum. Its aggressive geometry (within gravel bikes) and narrower tyre clearance tell you this is built for speed. TIME has adapted their Alpe d’Huez road geometry by taking 0.5 degrees off the head angle, pushing the chainstays back by 16 mm, but kept most of the other measurements the same.

Gravel bikes continue to evolve as a category and follow the same trajectory of all bicycle genres, filling out the spectrum and offering more variations to fit consumer desires. In the same way, road bikes vary from aggressive race bikes to relaxed endurance rigs, gravel bikes are similarly fleshing out between the margins of CX race rigs to upright and drop bar ultra-endurance whips with MTB tyres (think Salsa Cutthroat). The ADHX is aimed squarely at the performance crowd.


Now, we sell these frames so take my opinions with whatever grains of salt you want. The TIME ADHX’s ride is sharp, well-balanced, and damn fast along gravel roads. I wouldn’t accuse it of being plush, even with TIME’s smooth DYNEEMA carbon fibre, but that’s not why you buy one.

The rear end is long enough to keep traction on the shifty, dusty gravel roads you’ll find in South Australian Summer. The front end is tall but responsive without straying into twitchiness and the rear is long enough to feel poised when the traction is low. 

Special mention goes to the Pirelli Cinturato Mixed Terrain gravel tyres. I compensated for the narrower clearance by choosing a grippier tyre and the Pirellis are my favourite all-time tread pattern. A slicker tyre might be faster but it’ll also break traction faster and I’d rather have more grip than less when on an aggressive frame.


TIME ADHX frames are in short supply globally due to limited manufacturing volumes but we do have stock. Check out our TIME Gravel Framesets page to check current availability.

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Best gravel bike I’ve seen yet! Love the fit out and bling

Best gravel bike I’ve seen yet! Love the fit out and bling

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