What we love about the HJC Furion 2.0

What we love about the HJC Furion 2.0

Are you feeling the itch for new helmet day? You might want to put the HJC Furion on your shortlist. We wanted to talk about why.
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HJC is legendary in the motorbiking world - the family-owned South Korean company has been making lids in that market for over 50 years. They are, in fact, quite an enormous company whose output numbers in the millions of units per annum and occupy a significant slice of the European and American markets.

Manual bike fans will be more accustomed to seeing HJC atop Israel-Premier Tech and AG2R Citroen Racing Team. The company is not as steeped in cycling as motorbikes but their offerings so far have impressed us. After unloading our shipment, the Furion 2.0 has become very popular among the Acium Team.


Functional aero is one of my favourite things about the modern bike industry, and the Furion 2.0 is a prime example of that. Gone are the days when helmet makers produced a ventless version of an existing helmet and sent it out to market as their “aero” offering. Think of the POC Octal Aero as a good example. 

Fast forwards to the present day, and aero helmets move air through them rather than only channelling air over them. The Furion 2.0 is excellent at maximising the modest front vents, sucking in plenty of air and then venting it out the rear. HJC has plenty of experience with aerodynamics via their involvement in motorbike racing, and is one of few helmet makers worldwide with their own wind tunnel.

It’s the unavoidable truth that aero helmets require constant flow for cooling. Even we, sellers of aero helmets, will recognise they’re less than ideal on a hot day when you’re moving slowly. Crawling your way up a climb in summer is best done with something like the POC Ventral - the helmet that I use when it’s too spicy for the HJC.

The Furion 2.0 has, nonetheless, been excellent in the milder temperatures.


What makes the Furion 2.0’s fit stand out is how light its contact patch is with your head once properly set up. It’s an unusual system, but a rewarding one when tweaked to your liking.

The Furion 2.0 comes with a simple fitting instruction: “Just Put it On”. The SELFIT retention system is self-adjusting - stretching to apply tension across the back of your neck. Despite the colourful card’s directive, you should still adjust the 5-point snap fit adjustment under the side straps. The helmet ships in the tightest position, and some, myself included, will feel the SELFIT’s pressure across the back of their neck when first trying it on. 

Once dialled, the main contact is forehead and neck. The top of the helmet seems to float just above your head. The soft straps are easily slid into place as well. Don’t be fooled by the lack of padding either, it’s been comfy on long days of testing.


Interested in an HJC Furion? Check out the full range of HJC helmets.

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