Selle Repente Prime Carbon Saddle All Black - 160 Grams

Selle Repente

Selle Repente Prime Carbon Saddle All Black - 160 Grams

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A combination of high-tech materials

The Prime offers a perfect mix of rigidity and comfort, in order to satisfy both racers and those who prefer long rides. With its treamlined, minimal lines and 160 grams it is one of the very special articles in its segment. Its main characteristic is the wider anatomical cutout, that helps to ease pressure on the perineal area.

Thanks to their lightness, outstanding technical characteristics and the quality of the materials used, PRIME and SPYD TPX Series are an excellent alternative to full carbon models.

The frame is made of T700 unidirectional carbon fibre, while the main base is made of woven carbon fibre, laminated in a thermoplastic matrix. The structure ensures exceptionally high strength, together with very low weight. This is a non-deformable structure, whose stiffness is compensated by the ergonomic shaping and by the quality of the padding.


Water-based microfiber


Polyurethane foam


PA12 Carbon Reinforced


TEPEX Carbon


275 mm x 132 mm

WEIGHT ( 5%)

160 g (5,64 oz)


Made in Italy