Ciclovation Advanced Compound Shimano/Sram Road Brake Shoe Set - Silver

Ciclovation Advanced Compound Shimano/Sram Road Brake Shoe Set - Silver

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Advanced compound for aluminum rims with optimum gripping power

High performance in both wet and dry conditions

  • Level Advanced
  • Compound All Weather
  • Compatibility Shimano® / SRAM®, Road
  • Package 1 Pair/Blister Pack
About the Brand

CICLOVATION™, the emergent brand from HUANGS SMART CYCLING, INC., is dedicated to offering a comprehensive, one-stop solution for premium, high performance bicycle products that are competitively priced.

CICLOVATION™ - pronounced ‘si-klo-va-shun’ - embodies innovative products that improve usability.

Our name says it all - C stands for CONSISTENCY while V stands for VALUE. With C and V united in our brand, we focus on maximising these factors that are paramount to our customers.

These are the uncompromising details that elevate enjoyment and performance with every ride. Not only do we care about the rider experience, we also focus on the technician who utiliSes our products to offer improved service, safety and reliability. We constantly strive to offer the most innovative designs, working to meet the highest demands that define premium products.

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