Parcours has been developed to go against the grain. We wanted to go out and buy an aero wheelset that would deliver tangible benefits, but wouldn’t cost the earth. It didn’t exist. So we decided to make it.



After extensive testing and site visits, Parcours are now working with manufacturing partners in China, Taiwan, Japan and Belgium to bring a Parcours wheel together. Add UK-based quality control (And checked again in Australia) and warranty protection and we think you have a winning combination.



Parcours believe that aerodynamics should be accessible to everyone. Not just in terms of price, but stripping away a lot of the marketing that comes with a lot of wheels in today’s market. We all want to go faster, ride longer or climb higher but why pay more than you need to?

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All testing took place at the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, North Carolina.


DRAG CHART - Rim Brakes


Note: all time savings are taken versus the baseline Shimano RS11 wheel.  Zipp 404 Firecrest savings were tested at 1min 2s (40km) / 4min 38s (180km)

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DRAG CHART - Disc Brakes



Note: all time savings are taken versus the baseline Fulcrum Racing 5 wheelset

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As part of the 2018 rim redesign, Parcours wanted to bring tubeless technology to the Parcours Disc.  In order to do so, Parcours have reworked the entire wheel profile, to also allow the use of a wider, 25mm tyre.  With an internal width of 19mm, the new Disc allows riders to choose to run a lower tyre pressure, giving a smoother, more comfortable ride whilst also reducing rolling resistance.

Parcours took a production prototype to the wind tunnel to compare the new tubeless-ready Disc to the older model.

DRAG CHART - Disc Comparison

Parcours results show that, when a weighted average taken across the yaw angles tested, there is no material difference between a 23mm and 25mm tyre (<1s/40km).  However, the tubeless-ready Disc was 4s/40km faster than the older model.

When scaled up to a full-Ironman distance (180km) ride, the comparison in time savings (when paired with a Chrono front wheel) is:

  • Prior generation Chrono/Disc raceday setup: 5min 37s
  • Tubeless-ready Chrono/Disc raceday setup: 6min 21s 

Note that these time savings are shown before accounting for the benefit of running a wider and/or tubeless tyre.  The reduction in rolling resistance has been widely-accepted.  Additionally, a wider tyre allows for a lower tyre pressure, increasing ride comfort.

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