Vittoria Velar Road Shoes - White

Vittoria Velar Road Shoes - White
Vittoria Velar Road Shoes - White
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Sole Cleat

Available - Made to Order in Italy (1-2 Weeks)

 Innovative cycling shoe design, proudly handmade in Italy. Classic and iridescent colours combined with a minimal and distinctive look enhances the competitive quality of our top-of-the-line cycling shoe. The double Boa® IP1 dial and the EFC 2.0 closure configuration distribute the clamping force uniformly giving a wrap/around feeling without any pressure points.

Velar is created for the professional and expert cyclist looking for the high performance combined to a shoe capable to be comfortable for long rides. The new FCT sole is 25% lighter than a traditional carbon sole, turning it into the lightest in the market today. Furthermore, the ventilation channels from the sole and the micro drilling on the upper allows airflow to get through the shoe maintaining an optimal temperature during each ride. Velar comes integrated with their Performance insole capable to customise the fit to the arch foot. Also available with Speedplay® sole.


EFC (Ergonomic Fitting Concept): EFC stands for Ergonomic Fitting Concept, our research program focused to make products that respect the human anatomy and enhance its features.

FCT Carbon Technology: The leading-edge Forged Carbon Technology (FCT). The term “forged” used to describe the particular process where high temperatures and pressures up to 1500 psi- created a carbon composite which is up to 2/3 less dense than metal titanium, but much stronger. This process allows us to make very thin and light sole without compromising the rigidity.

Air System Concept: During physical activity our body needs to breathe, and from this basis we developed the Air System Concept. Through laser micro drilling, ventilation channels and other innovation, airflow gets routed where it’s needed maintaining the body temperature at optimal levels during each ride.

BOA Fit System: The Boa Fit System delivers even pressure distribution and better power transfer to improve your ride. The Boa Fit System contain three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, super strong lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides.the entire life of the product.

EFC 2.0: Bi-directional self-centering closure configuration. The direction of the laces give a wraparound feeling once set up. The clamping force has been multiplied and distributed uniformly giving a perfect fit without any pressure points. Never introduced before on the market.

STT (Soft Touch Tech): With an extensive research of exclusive finishes and the proper choice of materials we have created Soft Touch Tech. The surface treatment ensures our products have a unique look that enhances the design and allows for easy maintenance.


Upper: The High Stiffness STT (Soft Touch Technology) Microfiber is characterised by being wear resistant, stable, lightweight, waterproof and ecocompatible.
It is subjected to hydro treatment, reducing the water absorption and features a strong anti-mould characteristic.
It is micro-perforated and cut by Laser nano technology for optimal cooling effect. Reduced stitching and nylon mesh upper support.
Closure: Double Boa® IP1 dial
Sole: FCT Carbon sole (EU 38-48) Available option: * Carbon UD Speedplay® (EU 38-48)
Sizes: EU 38-48 // EU 38½ - 45½
Weight: 248 gr. (EU 41)

About The Brand

Vittoria is a family-owned manufacturer of cycling shoes and accessories, based in Biella (Italy), founded in 1976 by Celestino Vercelli after finishing his a career as a professional rider.

Mr. Vercelli wanted to put his family's shoemaking expertise to use and he started the production of high-quality cycling shoes: 100% Made in Italy.

Having been worn by numerous pros throughout the years, Vittoria continues its tradition of making shoes 100% In Italy with extreme attention to details and to the needs of every single athletes and amateur.

Discover more about the brand here

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