TIME Xpro 15 Carbon Pedals

TIME Xpro 15 Carbon Pedals
TIME Xpro 15 Carbon Pedals
TIME Xpro 15 Carbon Pedals
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The Time XPRO 15 pedal is the ultimate road pedal and is the perfect performance pedal for those that want to race at their best and get the most out of themselves. Made with a titanium axle and CeramicSpeed Bearings, these pedals are extremely lightweight at just 87.3 grams, but also incredibly strong and durable as the new designed body of this pedal has been reinforced with a more durable carbon material.

You’ll get exactly what you put out with this pedal, with excellent power transfer and an improved pedal surface of 725mm2, which is 25mm2 larger than the Xpresso (700mm2). The carbon blade is protected, and the aerodynamics improved as a result of the lower fairing. While the Iclic system has been redesigned to ensure a more positive cleat engagement and improved comfort. The Xpro 15 shares the same watt-saving CeramicSpeed bearings and super light hollow titanium spindle from the Xpresso 15 resulting in an overall weight of 87.3 grams per pedal.  

The XPRO 15 is customisable, as the adjustable carbon blade has 3 positions of clip-fin tension, with a low stack height to keep your sole close to the centre of the pedal axle. All of this adds up to create a pedal that allows you to ride efficiently in comfort and ensure that every bit of energy is transferred to the road. This is a performance pedal that is good for everything from a casual ride to your local race day.

  • Carbon body
  • Large platform area
  • pre-opened pedal engagement
  • Iclic: Easy clip in with the automatic pre-opening Iclic System (TIME patent).
  • Bioposition: Only by respecting the natural movements of your legs and joints, with angular and lateral float, as well as precise adjustment to the sensation or "feel" of the float, and with adjustable Q-factor Adjustment, can you decrease the risk of joint trauma and optimise performance following 3 points : security, ergonomics and performance. Our road pedals have a minimal position (pedal stack height)


  • Accessories: ICLIC cleats
  • Axle component: Hollow titanium axle
  • Bearings: Steel bearings
  • Body component: Carbon-filled
  • Cleats ICLIC Cleats. Free foot : angular and lateral freedom
  • Contact surface area: 725 mm2
  • Materials: Light carbon body
  • Pedal stack height: 13.5mm
  • Tension: 3 different settings of carbon blade
  • Threading: 9/16 - 20 inch
  • Weight: 174.6g
About The Brand

TIME design, develop and assemble their products in France, thanks to the unique knowledge and expertise of their teams. Made by hand, the framesets & parts TIME create are exceptional and unique. 

At TIME, they have always considered that performance and comfort are inseparable. Each innovation on their products are created toward this equation. That’s why their concept of bioperformance was born: to offer products completely adapted to the morphology of cyclists, improving pedalling efficiency, turning more effort into more speed.

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