TIME Scylon Disc Aktiv Black Label - Frameset

TIME Scylon Disc Aktiv Black Label - Frameset

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The Time Scylon Frameset is a rare breed: it is designed to be aerodynamically fast as well as practically comfortable. To enhance its aero nature, Time used computational fluid dynamics to design the ideal aero tube shapes to meld with their Grand Tour geometry. The tubes are about 40 percent larger than on other Times, with the material going to making the most of aerodynamics. The head tube has been widened, particularly at the bottom, where the 1 1 /8” to 1 ½” steerer meshes perfectly with the fork, head tube and downtube. The downtube is teardrop shaped, the seat tube shrouds the rear wheel, and the seat stays have been shortened and extensively shaped.


Time is a rare bike company that weaves its own carbon-fiber. They are better able to control not only tube shapes, but tube characteristics. They weave Vectran, a polymer that damps vibration, into their cloth. With the Scylon, the main triangle is monobloc, created out of a single carbon-fiber “sock,” and shaped around a wax form. The rear triangle is attached in two pieces, with a U-shaped end for the chain stays and a wishbone for the seat stays. Besides being better able to control stiffness and compliance with this method, the frame is also more crash-worthy.

Extra comfort comes along with the Aktiv fork. It has small weight on a flexible rod moving inside the fork. It adds 200g to the bike but takes away a huge amount of vibration. Time found that 75 percent of the vibration experienced by the rider comes from the fork. When tuned mass dampers are used in cars, they help stabilise the front end. In addition to dampening vibration, this fork enhances stability. This not only smooths out the road, but increases confidence, decreases fatigue, for an overall performance improvement.

Another option with the Scylon is the Translink integrated seat mast. It is lighter than Time’s seatpost, shaving 30g from the frame weight, and provides 3cm vertical adjustment once cut to length. Setback is 0mm. If you decide you don’t like the integrated mast, it can be cut down and an adjustable Time seatpost can be installed.

The bottom bracket standard is BB386, which, thanks to its oversized width and diameter, increases torsional rigidity. They also include their Time Quickset headset with the frame, which adjusts independently of the stem. There is room for 28mm tires between the brakes. The frame runs cables internally. Standard is mechanical, though an electric build it is an option and that includes an internal battery mount for the seatpost. This bike is also equipped with disc brakes for powerful and modulated braking. 


  • Frame: Full carbon RTM Scylon Frame, CMT inserts with carbon matrix technology
  • Fork: Carbon RTM Scylon Fork, CMT Inserts with carbon matrix technology
  • Headset: Time Quickset, adjustment system with independent mountain of stem and adjustment of headset
About The Brand

TIME design, develop and assemble their products in France, thanks to the unique knowledge and expertise of their teams. Made by hand, the framesets & parts TIME create are exceptional and unique. 

At TIME, they have always considered that performance and comfort are inseparable. Each innovation on their products are created toward this equation. That’s why their concept of bioperformance was born: to offer products completely adapted to the morphology of cyclists, improving pedalling efficiency, turning more effort into more speed.

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