Selle Repente Spyd Complete Carbon Saddle - 170 Grams

Selle Repente Spyd Complete Carbon Saddle - 170 Grams

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The more uniformly contact is distributed over the surface, the greater the cyclist’s comfort: this is the basis for the construction of Spyd.

The Tepex® dynalite range consists of multiple layers of continuous fibre reinforcements in a matrix of engineering thermoplastics. The continuous fibre structure, fully consolidated with a thermoplastic polymer, provides the maximum possible strength and stiffness. Typical applications are industrial and automotive applications and sporting goods.

- Multiple reinforcement layers made of fibres coated with thermoplastic matrix
- Maximum strength and stiffness
- Minimum weight

COATING Water-based microfiber
PADDING Polyurethane foam
PADDING SUPPORT PA12 Carbon Reinforced
RAIL UD Carbon Fiber T700 Ø 7x9 mm
DIMENSIONS 275 mm x 132 mm
WEIGHT (± 5%) 170 g (5,99 oz)
GRAPHICS All Black, All White, Ghost Arrow, Titanium Arrow

About The Brand

The Repente project is the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of a pool of Italian managers, engineers and designers – who decided to share their experience, gained in decades of top-level, industry-specific work to create innovative products that reflect the state of the art in cycling.

Behind the Repente brand are years of research, design and development. Extensive R&D, aimed at developing innovative concepts, materials and construction solutions up to the highest of standards, and designs able to meet the aesthetic requirements of even the most demanding users. And we should know about demanding: we have waited this long because we are the most demanding of all. Today, we can finally offer sports cyclists something that was not there before, real advantages that go beyond empty claims. So here we are, ready to accept a threefold challenge: make you comfortable in the saddle, make you go fast, make you love your bicycle even more.

Our chosen motto, “Cycling is an art”, is not about us, it is about our love for our sport. The contribution that we want to make to cycling is the fruit of our experience, passion and technology. Cycling is inside us: we live and breathe it, just like you.


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