Northwave Revolution Black/Anthra

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The Northwave Revolution shoes have been designed for high performance without compromising on comfort. Two SLW2 dials allow you to customize the fit precisely to your individual foot shape and the BioMap unibody construction upper encompasses the foot minimising movement so that all your energy is transferred to the pedals. A TPU Anatomical Arch Support® allows the shoe to perfectly shape on the bow arch so it will fit most riders and provide great support. 

The Morph Carbon 12 AAS sole has a Northwave stiffness rating of 12 out of 14 and has a full carbon insert in the pedal area making this a perfect shoe for road cyclists who are looking to improve their speed.  


  • Morph Carbon 12 AAS sole with a full-carbon insert in the pedal area with a stiffness index of 12.0.
  • The exclusive Anatomical Arch Support® made of TPU
  • NW Speedplay adapter compatible for the lowest stack height between foot and pedal
  • The BioMap unibody construction upper has a more anatomical, wraparound design
  • Double SLW2 dial
  • Integrated heel system ensures efficient heel retention

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