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The Finest Fit. Ever.

The Extreme shoes are the very best performing model ever produced by the Italian brand thanks to a new design, a stiffer sole and the revolutionary XFrame® patented technology, finally eliminating the issue most riders complain of: the pressure points on the top of the foot. What makes Extreme RR a game changer is the combination of ultra-soft and comfortable materials with a redesigned closure that sets new benchmarks in terms of fit uniformity around the entire foot. With XFrame, the performance of Northwave’s exclusive SLW2 dial is enhanced by the innovative route of the cable on the upper. The use of ultralight next generation materials that are only 0.5 mm thick, results in the upper transferring every watt of power and provides the snuggest, most even fit with no pressure points A complex system of angles, designed with geometric precision through special tapes, creates a unique frame over the upper to provides this snug fit, eliminating the pressure points while being extremely easy to adjust with only one SLW2 rotor.

Carbon Sole

The Ultralight Carbon 15 sole made of 100% unidirectional carbon combined with a reinforced layer provides incredible power transfer. With a stiffness index of 15.0, it’s the best performing Northwave sole ever.

S.L.W 2 Closure System

Maximum precision and usability- the side button offers dual functionality: press the button for micro-metric release, or lift the button to instantly undo the shoe completely. The ergonomic shape of the ratchet base matches the shape of the foot for added comfort, while the size and minimised weight plus the outer soft-touch covering make it easier and better to grip. It features wires that harness the best technologies used in sailing and can be easily replaced using the spare parts kit.


  • Ultralight Carbon 15 sole made of 100% unidirectional carbon
  • Stiffness index: 15.0
  • NW Speedplay adapter compatible
  • X-frame® patented construction and Ultralight next generation materials
  • SLW2 dial
  • Integrated heel system containing directional fibre
  • Includes two footbeds with a stiffened dualdensity design - Standard volume and high volume, which features an extra 2mm toe insert for narrow feet
  • Weight: 220g

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