Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Clincher Wheelset

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What is innovative about the Racing Zero Carbon wheel is the concept: carbon and aluminium blend together to form a unique combination that has successfully re-interpreted the Racing Zero legend with a top-of-the-range version. It has frequently been praised as “super stiff thanks to the aluminium spokes, super reactive thanks to its lightweight rim” as well as boasting “razor-sharp precision” during riding, in addition to being “sturdy and comfortable, light and stable during the tensest moments of a race".

Rim Dynamic Balance (RDB) - The concept is simple and elegant: balance the weight of the gasket, with an item of similar weight placed on the exact opposite side.

Ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearings (USB) - Fulcrum has a long-standing reputation for the extremely high performance of its hubs in terms of smoothness and reliability. In fact, all the projects are entirely developed in our R&D department and they have put obsessive care into taking care of every detail. The hubs with USB ceramic bearings (Ultra Smooth Bearings) further enhance the triathlon and road bike wheels’ smoothness and reduce weight and the need for maintenance.

2:1 Two-to-One - When you push on the pedals, the rotational force on the sprocket induces a slackening of the freewheel spokes with a consequent loss of rim tension. This results in undesirable flex of the whole wheel and an unavoidable loss of energy. Fulcrum has solved this classic cycling problem with its 2:1 Two-to-One Spoke Ratio patent, by doubling the spokes in the critical zones.

MOMAG - A magnet and lots of ingenuity. This was what led to the patent for the well-tested “Mounting Magnet” system, or MoMag.

Anti-Rotation System - This new system raises the concept of spoking to a new level of performance for road bike and triathlon wheels.

Fulcrum Identification Card (FIC) - 100% Handmade Quality 

Traceability - A guarantee of quality. 

Rim Full Carbon Technology - Full carbon Fulcrum rims are built using combinations, developed in the laboratory, of different types of fibre, including UD and the famous 90-degree 3K of models at the top of our range. 

Wide Rim Tech - Fulcrum’s R&D department, following requests from the competition circuit, has worked to create rims that are wider than before, about 4 mm or more than previously. This technical choice provides an ideal basis for 25/28mm tyres, the sizes currently popular. This ensures stability, excellent handling and superior comfort.

Unrilled Rim Bed - No holes on the bridge connector means that the rim is uniform at every point, free from critical areas subject to stress. The advantages are immediately clear: less weight, longer lasting rims, greater resistance to fatigue, the possibility of giving the spokes more tension and more stiffness which, in terms of performance, means improved responsiveness and acceleration.

Cup and Cone - The cup-and-cone bearing differs from the classic cartridge bearing because it works in perfect alignment with the forces involved, weight and thrust from the frame, as the bearings run in a race positioned directly opposing these forces.

Carbon Hubs - In line with their aim to save every possible gram of weight and to choose the most advanced technological solutions, the R&D department has developed a seamless carbon hub. The fibre selected is woven at 90 degrees, for enhanced balance of torque when pedalling.

Oversize Flange - The Oversize Flange was developed from the need to create a system to transmit every watt to the ground without dispersion, stiffening the wheel system where necessary, without having to add spokes or superstructures that increase weight.

All Conditions Carbon Control (AC3) - For years, the issue of braking on carbon rims has been studied and technically updated, in accordance with progress made in research into materials and available finishing processes.


Tyre Type: Clincher
Tyre Size: 28"
Rim Material: Carbon
Rim Material Details: Full Carbon, "Twill"
Rim Height Category: Low
Rim Height: F+R 30mm
Rim Width: 24.5mm, ETRTO 17c
Tyre Width: From 25mm To 50mm
Braking System: Caliper
Braking Surface: AC3 Treated 3K Carbon Braking Surface.
Axle Compatibility: QR
Front Wheel Spokes: 16
Rear Wheel Spokes: 21 (7 Left + 14 Right), Two To One
Spokes Material: Aluminum
Spokes Profile Technology: Aero, Straight Pull
Nipples: Aluminum
Front Hub: Carbon, Aluminum Flanges
Rear Hub: Carbon, Aluminum Oversize Flange
Bearings: USB Ceramic Bearings. Adjustable Cup & Cones Bearing System
Others: Plasma Treated Hg Freewheel. Aluminum Axle

Max Weight Limit (Rider + Luggage): 109kg

Mfr Claimed Weight: 1340g



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