Favero Assioma Cleats 0-Degree Float Black

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Replacement Favero cleats with 0-degree float (LOOK Keo type) are specifically designed for their Assioma and bePRO pedals. Please remember that the use of non-original LOOK Kéo compatible cleats may be unsuitable and any damage caused to the product will not be covered by the purchase warranty on your pedals or shoes.

Cleat Fixing
For Favero Assioma and bePRO pedals use only the supplied cleats (black cleats, float 0°) or original LOOK Kéo cleats. To fix the cleats, use the supplied screws and washers. Align the cleat in the preferred position and tighten the screws with a tightening force of 4÷0 Nm (3÷4.5 ft lb), as for most of the cleats on the market.

• Favero Assioma UNO Power Pedals - Single Side
• Favero Assioma DUO Power Pedals - Dual Side
• Favero bePRO 
• Favero bePRO S

Box Contents
• 2 x Black Cleats
• 6 x Washers
• 6 x Screws



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