F3 Cycling FormMount Phone

F3 Cycling FormMount Phone

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Now you, your phone and your bike can all have an unbreakable bond. FormMount™ Phone’s strap-free interface uses 4 neodymium magnets to create incredibly strong docking while the twist & lift design provides an effortless release. Features include: angles viewing position to rider preference, 2 mounting positions for varied stem angles, and portrait or landscape docking. FormMount Phone is built for roaming around the block, city or mountain making it the phone mount to end all phone mounts.

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Case plate (dimensions 2” x 2”), tether, stem cap bolt, and alcohol wipe.

About The Brand

F3 cycling was formed from a single product idea. And it was a cycling team that brought together the F3 team. Avid cyclists each with a professional discipline making for a formidable team off the bike. 3 perfectionists with different backgrounds, but common mindset: an obsession for creative problem solving. The trio is driven to bring innovative product ideas to life. Ideas that inspire them to jump out of bed every morning, whether it’s for a bike ride, or a way to make a bike ride better.

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