CCN Custom Pro 3.0 Jersey

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The brand new Pro 3.0 has been developed to keep the best features of the Pro 2.0 Jersey but in a lightweight version. This new version adding more breathability, aerodynamism and offers different cutting on the sleeves and a new AirTech fabric on the body.


AirTech Fabric

Properties of AirTech make it really smooth fabric and avoid any frictional drag to keep good breathability. This smoothness makes easier any changes in the athlete’s posture affecting the angle of incidence between the body and the flow and adding local or global accelerations.

Aero Cut

This product use Aero cut and it’s made to be exactly like a second skin and significantly improve your fastness.


  • AirTech Fabric
  • Super Thin Mesh Fabric
  • YKK Full Hidden Zipper
  • 3 rear pockets + 1 Reflective Zipper
  • Aero cut



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