Carrera SL7 Matte/Gloss Black

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Designed specifically for professional athletes and for all those riders who are looking for maximum performance, the SL7 is the spearhead of the Carrera podium: weight of the medium size is 890 g. and 97N / mm stiffness in the “free frame” lab test!

It’s clear enough that lightness and stiffness contradict each other and the only way to put them together is by hand selecting the right materials and moulds of the carbon.

How could Carrera achieve their goal? Through the use of EPS technology (Expandable Polystyrene Shell).

Components on frames featured in the images may vary depending on the build.

Acium Sports is the official reseller of Carrera bikes in Australia. We offer complete bikes, framesets or fully customised bikes with a range of different brands.

Every detail on all bikes can be tailored, if you are interested in an option not listed from the drop down menu get in contact with one of our team to help you out.

All Carrera bicycles/framesets purchased come with an official factory warranty of 2 years.

Lead-time of 4-6 Weeks, as all bikes are custom builds. However, this may be quicker depending on the model and setup.

If you are interested in a Carrera or have a burning question, drop a message to our team or give us a buzz to arrange a consultation over the phone, online or face to face. We want to learn your story and tailor your next dream build.

EPS - Expandable Polystyrene Shell

EPS technology allows an increase in the resistance of carbon used from 5 to 10%, thus leading to being able to obtain a very high coefficient of stiffness (STW). It is used in the processing of carbon inside the tubes, which are thus uniform, more compact and light, for a single structure frame with evident advantages in terms of weight and thickness.

ICRS - Simultaneous Assembly

The exclusive ICRS system created by the PODIUM R & D department, allows the simultaneous assembly of e-shifting and mechanical groups on Carrera frames. This innovative technology guarantees advantages in terms of aerodynamics and improves the appearance of the Carrera.

CUSTOM COLOURS - Italian Style

Carrera are a perfect representation of Italian style in the world, thanks to innovative designs and stunning graphics, which is given an almost maniacal attention. Carrera have always allowed and continue to allow the customisation of colours and graphics, giving each rider the freedom to tailor their travel companion.



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