Campagnolo Super Record Disc 12 Speed Ergopower Shifter & Caliper

Campagnolo Super Record Disc 12 Speed Ergopower Shifter & Caliper
Campagnolo Super Record Disc 12 Speed Ergopower Shifter & Caliper
Campagnolo Super Record Disc 12 Speed Ergopower Shifter & Caliper
Load image into Gallery viewer, Campagnolo Super Record Disc 12 Speed Ergopower Shifter & Caliper
Load image into Gallery viewer, Campagnolo Super Record Disc 12 Speed Ergopower Shifter & Caliper
Load image into Gallery viewer, Campagnolo Super Record Disc 12 Speed Ergopower Shifter & Caliper

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New mechanical Campagnolo Ergopower Super Record 12x2 Speed Disc Brake controls offers more ergonomic, more precise, more powerful and easier to maintain.

Comfort, control, speed and responsiveness are some of the main features of a bike's controls, helping keep all situations under control. The new mechanical controls for the Ergopower Super Record 12x2 Speed Disc Brake offer an ergonomic, comfortable and safe support and grip thanks to Vari-Cushion technology, essential for those who stay on the saddle for several hours.

The controls’ inner workings are a concentration of technology and experience, starting with the “one lever-one action” function, which assigns each lever a single function, helping avoid shifting errors at tired or distracting moments, and then continue with the multiple shifting option which allows up- or downshifting by up to 5 sprockets at a time thanks to the Ultra-Shift mechanism. This function allows you to maintain cadence even in case of sudden changes of incline or rhythm, with speed and ease as useful as it is surprising.

Further useful features are the levers’ adjustability, which, thanks to Reach Adjustment, enable a low grip on the brake lever, helping those with smaller hands; and AMS Adjustment, which enables shifting time modulation, using the dedicated levers.

The Super Record Disc Brake brake levers are engineered with a double curvature for improved grip and are lightened with two slots that are added to the one dedicated to Reach Adjustment. 

Campagnolo Disc Caliper   

Campagnolo Disc Brake callipers are powerful, modulable and reliable.

The flat-mount Campagnolo brake callipers ensure powerful, modular braking in any situation owing to pistons measuring 22 millimetres in diameter. Brake pad return guaranteed by the magnetic system ensures that there is no friction at the time of brake lever release. A special metal plate positioned between the pad and the calliper piston, cushions the vibrations during braking.

The different Campagnolo brake callipers were designed to be mounted together with the disc chosen by the rider and to always guarantee the highest level of performance. It is indeed possible to choose the rear brake calliper with a disc measuring either 140 mm or 160 mm in diameter and to use a specific 160 mm front calliper. Careful attention was given to making maintenance and assembly operations easy: the pads have wear indicators and replacing them is facilitated by the absence of physical return springs. Additionally, work was done on the insertion of the disc in the calliper to make changing the wheel easier and faster. 


Campagnolo Super Record Disc 12s Ergopower Shifter

Comfortable support - The controls can be safely and securely gripped when riding out of the saddle or on the tops of the handlebars.

Quick shifting - The immediate shifting allows operation of the derailleurs with minimal effort, from any position on the handlebars.

Multiple shifting - A sudden climb, a lightning-fast movement: finding just the right ratio takes but a moment thanks to the multiple action shifters.

Ergonomics - The contoured support and reach adjustment mean these controls can be used by all cyclists, regardless of the size of their hands and fingers.

Campagnolo Disc Caliper   

Standard Flat Mount - Fully compatible with flat-mount frames.

22 mm pistons in phenolic resin - Braking force and thermal isolation.

Magnetic piston-calliper connector - Pads return to position rapidly, guaranteeing an overall gap between the pad and disc of 0.4-0.6 mm and zero risk of accidental contact.

Interchangeable spare parts: pads, cylinder, screws, bolts (same for all callipers) - Fully compatible and optimised spare parts, making maintenance practical and reducing the number of components to keep on hand in the warehouse.

Wear indicator - It is very easy to see when the pads need to be replaced.

Rounded brake pads - These facilitate disc insertion and speed up wheel changing.

Anti-vibration plate - Optimal braking without vibrations.

Two fixing screws - Rapid installation and maintenance.


Campagnolo Super Record Disc 12s Ergopower Shifter

Weight - 462 gr

Campagnolo Disc Caliper

Combinations - 160mm Ant. - 160 mm Post. - 140 mm Post.

Weight - 115 gr. (1 pz- pads included)

Rotor not Included


About The Brand
Backed by more than eighty years of outstanding innovation, quality and sporting successes, Campagnolo is a premium brand, established and renowned all over the world.
Their long history, that has greatly helped the birth and development of modern cycling, is steeped in the innovative spirit that has become an integral part of their company’s DNA. Continual striving for maximum performance and maximum quality combined with innate Italian taste for style and form, make the world of Campagnolo and its products stand out in every aspect.
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